Our Team

Chris Roworth, CRA – Director

Chris has worked in the real estate industry since 1995. Chris began as a realtor in the Lower Mainland with Dexter & Associates, then worked as Marketing Director for Better Homes & Gardens / GMAC Real Estate Services in Toronto Ontario. Chris started appraising real estate for T. McCormick & Associates in 2000. He began appraising for Aedis Okanagan Services Inc. in 2009 and Okanagan Appraisals Ltd. in 2013. Chris is a designated member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC) and associate member of the Okanagan Real Estate Board (OMREB).

Kari Benum, CRA, P.App

Kari began her real estate career in 2004 as a Residential Appraiser with Okanagan Appraisals and worked with the company until early 2010.  Kari was a Mortgage Development Manager in the financial sector, specializing in the Builder's Market, followed by a career as a Senior Certified Reserve Fund Planner preparing Depreciation Reports for Strata Corporations and Home Owner Associations. She rejoined Okanagan Appraisals in late 2018, as a Senior Appraiser.

Kari is a member in good standing with the Appraisal Institute of Canada and holds her CRA and P. App. designations, along with her designation as a Certified Reserve Planner (CRP), with the Real Estate Institute.

Bob Bugera, Bsc CRA

Bob obtained his CRA in 2007 and started with Thibault & Co. Appraisals in Victoria, BC where he performed residential appraisals for over 10 years.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Urban Geography from the University of Victoria.  Bob relocated to the Okanagan to join Okanagan Appraisals in 2017 and is an upstanding member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

Joan Kittson, Candidate Appraiser

Joan is a Candidate and upstanding member of the AIC.  Prior to embarking on a career in appraising Joan spent several decades in the telecommunications industry.  Joan got her start in 2009 with Aedis Appraisals and looks forward to continuing her career, serving the Okanagan, with Okanagan Appraisals.

Darren Zovko, Candidate Appraiser

Darren began his appraisal career with BC Assessment before joining Okanagan Appraisals to specialize in residential properties.  Prior to entering the appraisal industry he worked as an Equity Trader in the financial sector.  Darren is a Candidate and upstanding member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada.  He is currently working towards his CRA designation.

Adela Ferencikova, Candidate Appraiser

Adela moved to Canada from Czech Republic in 2009.  She has a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Technology in Brno, CZ.  Prior to joining Okanagan Appraisals Adela worked for Better Living Estate Services in Ontario.  Adela is a Candidate and upstanding member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

Donald A. Gordon, AACI, P.App (Retired)

Don entered the Real Estate industry in 1970 where he began as a Candidate Appraiser with Canada Mortgage and Housing Authority. Don brings with him a wealth of experience in both Residential & ICI appraisal work. He has served in the local AIC Chapter as a demo report grader for the AIC National Office and has taught Appraisal 1102/1106 at the local college. Don remains an active Associate with the company.