Our Company

With a portfolio of appraisal history dating back to 1971, Okanagan Appraisals has provided trusted valuations since its founding in Kelowna in 1980. In 1990 the company was purchased by Kent Macpherson Appraisals. In 1994 Okanagan Appraisals was incorporated under the ownership and guidance of Donald A. Gordon, along with the entire residential portfolio of Kent Macpherson Appraisals and Okanagan Appraisals.

In order to expand their commercial portfolio, in 1997 Okanagan Appraisals Ltd. purchased Raffard Associates Realty Appraisers Inc. - a well-established South Okanagan firm that served government ministries and financial institutions. Since 2013 Okanagan Appraisals has been under the direction and ownership of Chris Roworth, CRA.

As one of the most advanced automated real estate appraisal offices in the industry we are dedicated to providing professional estimates of real estate valuations supported by market evidence. With our office based in Kelowna and a team of dedicated appraisers throughout our coverage area we can provide quick and efficient appraisal services for any property in the Okanagan Valley.

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